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Results: OSSRA Head Of Harbour Regatta

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Event 1: Senior Boys' Quad
11OBHS1L Landells, B Hume, M McLellan, C Gilmour, Cox A Woodhead
23JMCG1J Saville, S Williams, L Copland, M Shaw
Event 2: Senior Girls' Quad
11LOGA1H Dawson J Gauld M Johnston, E Kennedy
24COLU1L Wallace-Gibbs, A Jenkins-McCaw, H Jenkins-McCaw, T Carroll. Cox R Wilson
32QHSD1L Mathewson, K Davidson, H Collins, C Goldsmith (cox)H Davidson
Event 3: Novice Boys' Single 1400metres
19LOGA2F Campbell
28LOGA1J Campbell
32JMCG1L Angland
Event 4A: Junior Girls' Eight
Event 4B: Intermediate Boys' Quad
11OBHS1G Morris, G Burnett, H Chittock, C Gilmour
22JMCG1J Saville, S Williams, L Copland, M Shaw
Event 5: Intermediate Girls' Quad
14LOGA1F Kennedy, M Johnstone, P Goldsmith, K McManus
21OGHS2A Mckay, J Smeehuyzen, K Plant, L Thompson, C Ryan (cox)
32COLU1L Wallace-Gibbs, A Jenkins-McCaw, S Roulston, E Kirkwood. Cox R Wilson
Event 6: Senior Boys' Fours
12OBHS1L Landells, B Hume, J Latta, R Mears, Cox A Woodhead
Event 7A: Junior Girls' Quad
13OGHS1A Stuart, L McGrannachan, E Duncan, C Gilmour, C Ross (cox)
21OGHS2A King, M Gray, J Medlicott, L Everett, M Aitken (cox)
32COLU1K. Manera, G. Manera, S. Coghill, G Cotton, cox Gab
Event 7B: Intermediate/Junior Boys' Eights
11OBHS1H Chittock, G Morris, G Burnett K McLellan, J Mulligan, J Pairama, M Mears, A Hollander-Dunn, Cox A Sharplin
Event 8: Senior Girls' Singles
15LOGA1H Dawson
24QHSD1L Mathewson
31OGHS1S Dunn
Event 9: Junior Girls' Doubles/Pairs
14LOGA1K McManus P Goldsmith
23OGHS2L McGrannachan, C Gilmour
31OGHS3M Gray, M Aitken
Event 10A: Intermediate Girls' Fours
11COLU1L Wallace-Gibbs, E Kirkwood, G Caley, S Roulston Cox R Wilson
Event 10B: Junior Boys' Fours
12OBHS1J Mulligan, J Pairama,M Mears,A Hollander-Dunn
23JMCG1J Mckenzie, L Angland, J Saville, M Shaw, L Copland (cox)
Event 11: Senior Boys' Doubles/Pairs
11KHSD1F Homan A Knox
Event 12A: Senior Girls' Fours
11COLU1A Skerrett, A Jenkins-McCaw, H Jenkins-McCaw, T Carroll. Cox R Wilson
Event 12B: Intermediate Boys' Fours
11OBHS1H Chittock, G Burnett, J Mulligan, J Pairama
23JMCG1J Mckenzie, S Williams, L Copland, L Angland, M Shaw (cox)
Event 13: Intermediate Girls' Singles
12COLU1C Foster
23OGHS1K Lammers
31OGHS2M Verwey
Event 14: Junior Girls' Fours (or join Event 12)
11COLU1K. Manera, G. Manera, S. Coghill, Gab Cox. G Cotton
Event 15: Intermediate Boys' Doubles/Pairs
14OBHS1L Landells B Hume
21OBHS2M McLellan, C Gilmour
32LOGA1F Campbell S Campbell
Event 16: Senior Boys' Singles
12OBHS1R Mears
21KHSD1F Homan
33KHSD2A Knox
Event 17A: Intermediate Girls' Eights
11COLU1L Wallace-Gibbs, E Kirkwood, G Caley, S Roulston, A Skerrett, C Foster, G Manera, K Manera Cox R Wilson
Event 17B: Junior Boys' Doubles
25LOGA1J Howlett, J Campbell
36JMCG1L Angland, S Williams
Event 18: Novice Girls' Singles 1400metres
14LOGA1K Mcmanus
22COLU1T Carroll
38LOGA2P Goldsmith
Event 19: Senior Girls' Doubles/Pairs
11LOGA1H Dawson J Gauld
23COLU1H Jenkins-McCaw, A Jenkins-McCaw
32OGHS1P Ryder, S Dunn
Event 20: Intermediate Boys' Singles
14OBHS1C Gilmour
27OBHS4G Morris
35LOGA1F Campbell
Event 21: Intermediate Girls' Doubles
15QHSD1K Davidson, C Goldsmith
23LOGA1M Johnston E Kennedy
36OGHS1K Nicholson, M Verwey
Event 22: Junior Boys' Quads
13JMCG1J Saville, J McKenzie, L Copland, M Shaw
21OBHS1J Mulligan, J Pairama, M Mears, A Hollander/.Dunn
Event 23A: Senior Girls' Eights
11COLU1L Wallace-Gibbs, E Kirkwood, G Caley, S Roulston, T Carroll, C Foster, H Jenkins-McCaw, A Jenkins-McCaw, Cox R Wilson
Event 23B: Senior Boys' Eights
12OBHS1R Mears, J Latta, D Gold, B Hume, L Landells, G Burnett, H Chittock, G Morris, Cox A Woodhead

Aggregate Points:

  • Boys
    1. OBHS: 39 points
    2. JMCG: 13 points
    3. LOGA: 9 points
    4. KHSD: 6 points
  • Girls
    1. COLU: 26 points
    2. LOGA: 21 points
    3. OGHS: 17 points
    4. QHSD: 6 points

Trophy Winners:

  • George Thorn Trophy (Boys aggregate) = OBHS
  • Gibson Fours (1st Senior Fours) = OBHS
  • Philip Ham Trophy (1st Senior Eights) = OBHS
  • Martha Gillies Trophy (Girls aggregate) = COLU
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