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Results: OSSRA Head Of Harbour Regatta

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Event 1: Junior Girls/Boys Eight
1JMCG 1W Edwards, W Turner, A Byars, N Chamberlain, B Dowling, B Jenkins, S Engelbrecht, O Cochrane + M Beattie (cox)
2COLU 1M Nesbit, A Anderson, A Cunningham, O McRae, A Griffin, Z Close, E Foley, M Wright + M Darling (cox)
3OBHS 1J Holland-Spinks, S Henderson, T Ryan, H Hanson, B Masterton, M Manson, J Dennison, J Webber + H Brensell (cox)
4STHI 1A Hamilton, E Burnside, R Grave, S Armstrong, H Knott, T Mason, M Gow, E Hurdle + A Frame (cox)
Event 2: Intermediate Boys Quad
1JMCG 1J Smith, J McLaughlan, M Gomez, B Macdonald + O Cochrane (cox)
2KHSD 1T Lock, C Booth, J Parcell, A Brown + Q Hawthorne (cox)
3JMCG 2W Burdon, B Timmings, B Teviotdale, A Byars + M Beattie (cox)
4OBHS 1A Schroder, S Masterton, T Gruber, N Sinnot + H Wilson (cox)
Event 3: Novice Girls Single (600m)
1TTAI 1D Kerr
2TTAI 2H Budd
3TTAI 3G Gallivan
4STHI 1R Grave
dnsOGHS 1  R James
dnsQHSD 1E Montgomery
dnsOGHS 2M Bonilla
Event 4: Senior Boys Quad
1KHSD 1M Anderson, J Laney, K Hughes, M Booth + Q Hawthorne (cox)
2JMCG 2L Chittock, W Kirkwood, B MacDonald, M Gomez + M Garry (cox)
3OBHS 1T Bezett, W Sinclair, O Higgins, J Henderson + T Drummond (cox)
4JMCG 1B Leydon, A Timmings, L Bain, J Smith + M Beattie (cox)
5OBHS 2A Roydhouse, B Sinnamon, T Sharp, L Hurdle + H Brensell (cox)
6JMCG 3M Parks, R Sangster, J McLaughlan, A Byars
Event 5: Senior Girls Quad
1STHI 1I Corbett, G Hunter, B Shea, C Maker + M Knott (cox)
2KAVA 1B Rance, A Blakely, K Pitcaithly, L James + R Vaughan (cox)
3STHI 2L Sabonadiere, K Edwards, G Hay, J Cook + A Frame (cox)
4QHSD 1R Scott, G Clydesdale, H Kettings, K Atkinson + C McLay (cox)
5OGHS 1A Hinch, M Jope, B Thomson, G Cushnie + S Freeman(cox)
Event 6: Novice Boys Single (600m) - Div 1
1JMCG 4B Dowling
2KHSD 2T Jones
3JMCG 5W Edwards
4OBHS 1A Schroder
5OBHS 2T Ryan
6OBHS 4E George
Event 6: Novice Boys Single (600m) - Div 2
1KAVA 1A Lee
2JMCG 1T Benny
3KHSD 1T Ockwell
4KHSD 3G Gibson
5JMCG 2C Moran
6JMCG 3S Englebrecht
7OBHS 3B Masterton
Event 7: Junior Girls Double
1STHI 1E Burnside, H Knott
2TTAI 1H Budd, G Gallivan
3STHI 2R Grave, S Armstrong
4STHI 3M Gow, T Mason
5OGHS 1M Bonilla, R James
Event 8: Senior Girls Single - Div 1
1QHSD 1H Kettings
2STHI 3C Maker
3KAVA 1A Blakey
4KAVA 2K Pitcaithly
5OGHS 3A Hinch
6OGHS 2G Cushnie
dnsQHSD 2G Clydesdale
Event 8: Senior Girls Single - Div 2
1STHI 4L Sabonadiere
2TTAI 1D Kerr
3STHI 2J Cook
4STHI 1G Clarke
5QHSD 3K Atkinson
6OGHS 4A Fraser
7OGHS 1B Thomson
Event 9: Intermediate Girls Quad
1STHI 1A Hamilton, L Maiai, H Hedges, I Robertson + A Frame (cox)
2KAVA 1A Blakely, L James, B Rance, E Audas + R Vaughan (cox)
Event 10: Junior Boys Double
not raced as conditions were deteriorating
Event 11: Senior Boys Four
1OBHS 1T Bezett, W Sinclair, O Higgins, J Henderson + T Drummond (cox)
2KHSD 1M Anderson, J Laney, K Hughes, M Booth + Q Hawthorne (cox)
3OBHS 2A Roydhouse, B Sinnamon, C Parnell, L Hurdle + H Wilson (cox)
4JMCG 1W Kirkwood, L Chittock, A Timmings, B Leydon + O Cochrane (cox)
5KHSD 2M Freeman, T Ockwell, T Lock, C Booth + G Gibson (cox)
6JMCG 2L Bain, R Sangster, M Parks, W Palmer + M Garry (cox)
Event 11a: Intermediate Boys Eight
1JMCG 1J Smith, J McLaughlan, A Byars, M Gomez, W Burdon, B Macdonald, B Teviotdale, B Timmings + M Beattie (cox)
2OBHS 1J Holland-Spinks, S Henderson, T Ryan, H Hanson, A Shroder, S Masterton, B Masterton, M Manson + H Brensell (cox)
Event 12: Intermediate Girls Four
1COLU 1M Nesbit, A Anderson, A Cunningham + M Wright (cox)
2COLU 2S Anderson, C Turner, E Foley, C Smith
3STHI 1H Knott, L Maiai, H Hedges, I Roberston + E Lynch-Sutherland (cox)
Event 13: Senior Girls Double/Pair
Regatta abandoned at this point except for Boys Senior Eight which raced
Event 14: Intermediate Boys Four
Event 15: Intermediate Girls Singles
Event 16: Junior Boys Four
Event 17: Senior Boys Double/Pair
Event 18: Junior Girls Quad/Four
Event 19: Intermediate Boys Double
Event 20: Senior Boys Single
Event 21: Intermediate Girls Eight
Event 22: Junior Boys Quad
Event 23: Senior Girls Four
Event 24: Intermediate Boys Single
Event 25: Intermediate Girls Double
Event 26: Senior Girls/Boys Eight
1OBHS 1T Bezett, W Sinclair, A Roydhouse, B Sinnamon, O Higgins, J Henderson, C Parnell, T Sharp + T Drummond (cox)
2KHSD 1M Anderson, J Laney, K Hughes, T Ockwell, T Lock, M Booth, M Freeman, C Booth + Q Hawthorne (cox)
3JMCG 1L Chittock, W Kirkwood, A Timmings, B Leydon, L Bain, J McLaughlan, M Gomez + M Beattie (cox)
dnsSTHI 1I Corbett, H Armstrong, G Hunter, B Shea, M Butt, K Edwards, G Clarke, G Hay + M Knott (cox)
dnsCOLU 1S Griffin, C Quinlan-Thompson, K Campbell, C Turner, E Smillie, K Crawford, M Nesbit, H Wright + M Darling (cox)


Points are: 1st = 3, 2nd = 2, 3rd = 1


  • Martha Gillies Trophy (Girls Aggregate Points): STHI
  • Otago Polytechnic Trophy (Girls Senior Quad): STHI
  • George Thorn Trophy (Boys Aggregate Points): JMCG
  • Gibson Fours Trophy (Boys Open Fours): OBHS
  • Phillip Ham Trophy (Boys Open Eights): OBHS

Results courtesy: L Farnden

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