Notices: Otago Champs

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2012 Otago Championships.


All the results are now up.

Some results have now been pushed online by Ruataniwha Rowing. Whether live results are now available remains to be seen. Live results are not being made available by Ruataniwha Rowing but they are pushing results online occasionally.
For whatever reason results are not being pushed online by Ruataniwha Rowing. We hope to resolve this soon.

2012-12-17 16:01:01
Safety Briefing

A representative from each Club/School competing at the regatta must attend the safety briefing to be held in the MacRae Lounge at 6.30am on Saturday. No exceptions - No Show – No Row. If your Club/School is found to be missing from the meeting, contact must be made with the Chief Umpire or Regatta Controller before any of your crews will be allowed to race.

2012-12-12 16:08:13
Lane numbers

Alpha-numeric Lane Numbers will be provided by Ruataniwha Rowing. Any loss/damage will be charged to the user by Ruataniwha Rowing.

2012-12-12 16:08:08
Race schedule

Racing will commence at 7.30am on Saturday and continue with races at 4 minute intervals until approximately 5.55pm. This extremely tight schedule means that crews must be at the Start on time, no allowance will be made for crews competing in more than one event or boats being used in more than one event. Neither will it be possible to spend time waiting for those crews who have difficulty in attaching to the Start; any crew found incapable of attaching themselves to the Start will be returned to the boat ramp.

Where boats of crews are required quickly for later races this changeover must occur at the boat ramp. Crews are NOT to change over at the landing behind the Dais.

It is planned that Finals will commence at 7am on Sunday with an expected finish time of approximately 2pm.

2012-12-12 15:27:29
Request for assistance

Wanaka Rowing Club's eight is too old & heavy for them to load onto their trailer and bring to the regatta. They are therefore looking to borrow an eight for a girls novice crew - Event 14.
They also need to borrow one (or preferably two) doubles for the Womens Novice 1000m - Event 30, as they only have 3 good boats and have 5 crews! (Apparently a new boat is on its way but not arriving until after xmas).
If you can help please contact Amanda Inkster.

2012-12-11 22:13:26
Masters events

Masters events number 7, 8, 30 and 31 are all held on Saturday only.
Events 7A, 8A, 30A and 31A are all held on Sunday only.

2012-10-15 23:31:02
New this year

New this year is the option for the Novice Doubles to row either 2km or 1km (these events will be different division of the same event) - so coaches please have a think about the abilities of your crews and enter accordingly.

We believe this will give those really new novices a great racing experience early in the season.

2012-10-15 23:28:55
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