Results: OSSRA Regatta Term

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Event 1: Junior Boys Eight
11OBHS 1Scown, Burton, Boyd, Meldrum,Robertson, Blakely, Dickison, Scammon
Event 2: Novice Girls Singles (600m)
12STHI 2C Shea
21STHI 1Z Sabonadiere
Event 3: Senior Boys Quad
11JMCG 1J Saville, C Forward, J Mackenzie, M Shaw + H Henaghan (cox)
22OBHS 1Gilmour, Mears, Waddell, Hopewell
Event 4: Junior Girls Eight
12STHI 1T McNamara, G Buchanan, B Hendry, A Strack, A Palmer, M Rutherford, A Back, C Paterson + Z Clark (cox)
Event 5: Senior Girls Quad
11STHI 1C Dyet, F Guthrie, B Alexander, C Grave + H Perkins (cox)
23QHSD 1L Mathewson, C Goldsmith, S Taylor, G Baldock + TBA (cox)
34COLU 1G Manera, K Manera, E Krikwood, C Foster + S Coghill (cox)
Event 6: Novice Boys Singles I (600m)
13KAVA 1J O'Leary
24TTAI 1B Abernethy
32JMCG 2L Tompkins
Event 7: Intermediate Boys Quad
11JMCG 1J Saville, C Forward, J Mackenzie, M Shaw + H Hannigan (cox)
23OBHS 1Latta, Hume, Alexander, Chapman
32LOGA 1M Derret, O Skeggs, B McAlevey-Scurr, N Campell + K McManus (cox)
Event 8: Senior Girls Singles I
13KAVA 1Z McBride
24QHSD 1L Mathewson
35STHI 1C Grave
Event 9: Novice Boys Singles II (600m)
11JMCG 1L Stewart
25JMCG 3H Hannigan
dnf3JMCG 2L Tompkins
Event 10: Senior Girls Singles II
12KAVA 2H Duggan
25QHSD 2C Goldsmith
31COLU 3E Kirkwood
Event 11: Intermediate Girls Quad
12OGHS 2C Buist, S Hill, J Medlicott, A Stuart + S McCabe (cox)
23STHI 1G Stumbles, F Guthrie, A Palmer, J Taylor + Z Clarke (cox)
34OGHS 1E Duncan, L Thomson, L MacGrannachan, C Gilmour + M Aitken (cox)
Event 12: Senior Boys Fours
12OBHS 1Mears, Gilmour, Hopewell, Waddell
Event 13: Junior Boys Doubles
13LOGA 1M Derret, O Skeggs
27LOGA 2B McAlevey-Scurr, N Campbell
36OBHS 2Boyd, Meldrum
Event 14: Intermediate Girls Fours
12STHI 1B Hendry, T McNamara, G Buchanan, A Strack + H Perkins (cox)
21LOGA 1M Lobitz, O Scott, P Kennedy, E Mixter + K McManus (cox)
Event 15: Senior Girls Doubles/Pairs
13KAVA 1Zoe McBride, Hannah Duggan
21QHSD 1L Mathewson, C Goldsmith
32OGHS 1M Verwey, K Nicholson
Event 16: Intermediate Boys Fours
11JMCG 1J Saville, C Forward, J Mackenzie, M Shaw + H Hannigan (cox)
22OBHS 1Alexander, Latta, Hume, Chapman
Event 17: Intermediate Girls Singles
14KAVA 1Zoe McBride
23STHI 1C Grave
35OGHS 1C Gilmour
Event 18: Junior Boys Fours
12LOGA 1M Derret, O Skeggs, B McAlevey-Scurr, N Campell + K McManus(cox)
21JMCG 1J Mackenzie, M Shaw, L Stewart, L Tompkins + H Hannigan (cox)
33OBHS 1Scown, Burton, Boyd, Meldrum
Event 19: Senior Boys Doubles/Pairs
11COMP Jack O'Leary, Bryce Abernethy
22LOGA 1J Howlett, F Campbell
33OBHS 1Gilmour, Mears
Event 20: Junior Girls Fours/Quad
11STHI 3G Stumbles, C Dyet, F Guthrie, J Taylor + A Palmer (cox)
24QHSD 1T Lunam, J Manning, E Gordon, M Blue + TBA (cox)
34STHI 1T McNamara, C Shea, A Back, A Strack + Z Clark (cox)
Event 21: Intermediate Boys Doubles/Pairs
11JMCG 1M Shaw, J MacKenzie
22OBHS 1Waddell, Latta
Event 22: Senior Boys Singles
13TTAI 1Bryce Abernethy
22KAVA 1Jack O'Leary
35LOGA 1J Howlett
Event 23: Intermediate Girls Eight
Event 24: Junior Boys Quad
14LOGA 1M Derret, O Skeggs, B McAlevey-Scurr, N Campbell + K McManus (cox)
21JMCG 1M Shaw, J MacKenzie, L Stewart, L Tompkins + H Hannigan (cox)
Event 25: Senior Girls Fours
Event 26: Intermediate Girls Doubles
11KAVA 1Z McBride, H Duggan
27OGHS 2C Buist, C Gilmour
32COLU 1C Williams, E Haig
Event 27: Intermediate Boys Singles
13TTAI 1Bryce Abernethy
26KAVA 1Jack O'Leary
39LOGA 1J Howlett
Event 28: Senior Girls/Boys Eight (handicapped)
11COLU 1G Manera, K Manera, E Krikwood, C Foster, O Dippie, E Haig, C Williams, A Angland + S Coghill (cox)
33OGHS 1
Event 29: Junior Girls Doubles
13STHI 1B Hendry, F Guthrie
26STHI 4G Buchanan, T McNamara
34LOGA 1M Lobitz, O Scott
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