Results: OSSRA Regatta Term

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Event 1: Junior Girl's/Boys' Eight
11STHI 1M Burns, E Adams, T Read,
L Garden, L Saboandiere, B Shea, G Clarke, C Maker (cox) M Knott
22COLU 1L Cunningham, M Darling, D Selvarajah, S Harrison,
S Griffith, T Mulholland, H Wright, (cox) Elysia
15KHSD 1T Grave, Q Hawthorne, S Van der Weerden, J Mackenzie,
M Freeman, M Booth, M Anderson, J Buchanan K Maker (Cox)
23OBHS 1B Sinnamon, T Hogan, J Cotter, C Gordon,
J Holland, S Dippie, _ ____, T Bezett
34OBHS 2L Guthrie, G Sammons, B Alexander, _ ____,
G Thomas, R Savage, G Donaldson, E Grant
Event 2: Novice Girls' Singles (600metres)
15QHSD 1Riley Homan
23COLU 1O Anderson
Event 3: Senior Boys' Quad (+15)
16OBHS 1J McNicol, J Waddell, J Boyd, S Donaldson
Event 3A: Senior Girls' Quad (Scr)
11STHI 1C Dyet, B Hendry, J Taylor, A Palmer (cox) M Knott
23STHI 2F Guthrie, T McNamara, E Smith, G Buchanan (cox) S Wyber
35KAVA 1A O'Leary, P McMullan, R Pitcaithly, A Meikle
42OGHS 1E Murphy, B Beecher, L Anderson, M King, D Lemow (cox)
Event 5: Novice Boys' Singles (600metres)
13BAY1J Mackenzie
24KAVA 1B Montigel
31KAVA 2L Good
Event 6: Junior Girls Doubles
12COLU 1H Wilson, P Morton
26QHSD 1R Homan, G Clydesdale
38STHI 2L Garden, G Clarke
43KAVA 1K Pitcaithly, R Thomson
54STHI 1L Sabonadiere, B Shea
1OGHS 1J Alm-Lequeux, M Crawford
7KAVA 3S Rendall, J Murphy

Regatta posponed here until following day due to rough water

Course shortened to 600m
Event 6: Junior Girls Doubles
12COLU 1H Wilson, P Morton
25KAVA 2A Blakey, H Booten
33KAVA 1K Pitcaithly, R Thomson
48STHI 2L Garden, G Clarke
54STHI 1L Sabonadiere, B Shea
59KAVA 4A Bolton, E Campbell
66QHSD 1Riley.H, Gemma.C
Event 7:
13OBHS 1S Bezett, T Chin, G Sammons, C Lewis
21JMCG 1R Stackhouse, G Jones, H Hasselman, S Darling, J Gibbons (cox)
Event 8: Senior Girls' Singles
14COLU 1E Winders
23STHI 1T McNamara
31COLU 2A Angland
47KAVA 2R Pitcaithly
Event 9: Intermediate Girls' Quad
15STHI 2M Burns, E Adams, T Read, Z Sabonadiere (cox) S Wyber
21OGHS 1K Wilden-Palms, E Murphy, J Alm-Lequeux, T Seaton, D Lemow (cox)
32STHI 1B Hendry, C Paterson, C Shea, F Guthrie (cox) M Knott
44COLU 1C Paddon, S Graham, S Griffith, L Cunningham
53KAVA 1K Pitcaithly, R Thomson, J Murphy, S Rendall
Event 10: Senior Boys' Fours (+25)
11OBHS 1J McNicol, J Waddell, K Boyd, S Dolaldson
Event 10A: Intermediate Boys' Eights (+10)
12OBHS 1S Bezett, T Chin, C Lewis, G Sammons
Event 10B: Intermediate Girls' Fours (Scr)
14STHI 1B Hendry, C Paterson, C Shea, S Stone (cox) S Wyber
Event 11: Junior Boys Doubles
14OBHS 1L Guthrie, B Alexander
22JMCG 3J Gibbons, O Sidey-Moore
33KHSD 1T Grave, M Anderson
46KHSD 2Q Hawthorne, M Freeman
Event 12: Senior Girls' Doubles/Pairs
11OGHS 1K Wilden-Palms, T Seaton
22STHI 1C Dyet, J Taylor
33KAVA 1A Meikle, R Pitcaithly
44STHI 2T McNamara, E Smith
66STHI 3F Guthrie, A Palmer
75OGHS 2E Murphy, L Anderson
Event 14: Intermediate Girls Singles (not rowed)
1OGHS 1K Wilden-Palms
2STHI 1C Paterson
3COLU 1S Graham
4KAVA 1A O'Leary
5QHSD 1Olivia Brown
1KAVA 2R Pitcaithly
2OGHS 2T Seaton
3KAVA 3A Meikle
4STHI 2Z Sabonadiere
5STHI 3C Shea
6COLU 2C Paddon
Event 15A: Intermediate Boys' Fours (not rowed)
5OBHS 1S Bezett, T Chin, J Boyd, C Lewis
Event 15B: Junior Boys' Fours (Scr)
12OBHS 1B Sinnamon T Hogan, B Cotter, C Gordon
21JMCG 1L Chittock, T Mee, W Kirkwood, TBA
33KHSD 1S Vanderweerden, M Booth, J Mackenzie, J Buchanan ? (cox)
44OBHS 2J Holland, S Dippie, _ ____, T Bezett
Event 16: Senior Boys' Doubles/Pairs (not rowed)
1OBHS 1J McNicol. J Waddell
Event 17: Junior Girls' Fours/Quad
16STHI 2M Burns, E Adams, T Read, Z Sabonadiere (cox) M Knott (four)
22STHI 1L Sabonadiere, L Garden, G Clarke, C Maker (cox) S Wyber (quad)
34KAVA 1A O'Leary, K Pitcaithly, R Thomson, S Rendall, S Gallagher(cox)
43COLU 1S Harrison, D Salvarajah, T Mulholland, H Wright (Cox) Amelia
51OGHS 1J Alm-Lequeux, M Crawford, A Scarf-Matthews, M Dixon, D Lemow (cox)
5QHSD 1Riley.H, Gemma.C, Rebecca.s, Katie.A + (cox)
7COLU 2S Griffith, O Anderson, K Campbell, L Cunningham, (cox) Elysia
8KAVA 2H Booten, A Blakey, J Murphy, E Campbell, B McBride (cox)
9QHSD 2Hayley.K, Isabelle.L, Aoife.P, Milly.B + (cox)
10KAVA 3A Bolton, C Constable, A Constable, S Smith, M Stewart (cox)

Regatta abandoned here due to rough water
Event 19: Intermediate Boys' Doubles/Pairs
1KAVA 1B Montigel, D Hobson
2OBHS 1J Boyd, C Lewis
3JMCG 1A Yarnell, W Kirkwood
4OBHS 2S Bezett, T Chin
Event 20: Senior Boys' Singles
1JMCG 1A Yarnell
2OBHS 1J McNicol
3KAVA 1D Hobson
4OBHS 2J Waddell
Event 21: Intermediate Girls' Eight
1STHI 1M Burns, E Adams, T Read, S Stone, C Shea,
C Paterson, F Guthrie, Z Sabonadiere (cox) Mia Knott
2COLU 1S Graham, C Paddon, M Darling, K Campbell,
S Harrison, H Wright, S Griffith, T Mulholland, (cox) E Shettler
Event 22: Junior Boys' Quad
1JMCG 3R Stackhouse, G Jones, H Hasselman, S Darling
2OBHS 3G Savage, R Thomas, G Donaldson, E Grant
3JMCG 1L Chittock, T Mee, W Mitchell, W Kirkwood, J Fogo (cox)
4OBHS 1B Sinnamon, T Hogan, B Cotter, C Gordon
5KHSD 1M Anderson, Q Hawthorne, S Vanderweerden, M Freeman, J Buchanan (cox)
6JMCG 2T McConway, O Sidey-Moore, C Clark, J Gibbons
7OBHS 2J Holland, S Dippie, _ ____, T Bezett
Event 23: Senior Girls' Fours
1STHI 1C Dyet, J Taylor, B Hendry, A Palmer (cox) S Wyber
2STHI 2S Stone, E Smith, T McNamara, G Buchanan (cox) M Knott
Event 24: Intermediate Boys' Singles
1OBHS 3G Sammons
2KHSD 1T Grave
3OBHS 2L Guthrie
4JMCG 1A Yarnell
5OBHS 1B Alexaander
6KAVA 1D Hobson
Event 25: Intermediate Girls' Doubles
1STHI 4J Landels, Z Sabonadiere
2COLU 2S Graham, C Paddon
3STHI 1C Paterson, C Shea
4COLU 1A Angland, E Winders
5OGHS 1K Wilden-Palms, T Seaton
6KAVA 1A Meikle, R Pitcaithly
7STHI 3M Burns, T Read
8STHI 2B Hendry, S Stone
Event 26: Senior Girls' / Boy's Eight
1STHI 1C Dyet, E Adams, T McNamara, E Smith, T Read,
G Buchanan, F Guthrie, J Taylor (cox) S Wyber
2OBHS 1J McNicol, J Waddell, S Donaaldson, J Boyd,
S Bezett, T Chin, _ ____, C Lewis
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