Results: OSSRA Regatta Term

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Event 1: Junior Girl's Eight
1STHI 1M Butt, H Hedges, H Armstrong, L Maiai, L Millis,
E Lynch-Sutherland, M Gray, I Robertson + A Frame (cox)
2COLU 1C. Smith, C. Turner, C. Quinlan-Thompson, G. Small,
E. Smillie, J McMillan, O. Miller, E. Chittock + M. Darling (cox)
Event 1: Junior Boys' Eight
1OBHS 1T Bezett, M Van Boxtell, C Proctor, W Sinclair,
L O.Sullivan, C Parnell, H Sinclair + H Chapman (cox)
2KHSD 1A Brown, J Laney, T Lock, Oscar, D Hughes, F Goldsmith,
C Booth, J Parcell + G Gibbon (cox)
3JMCG 1B MacDonald, W Patterson, M Gomez, B Teviotdale, B Timmings,
W Burdon, A Byars, J Mclaughlan + J Cotton (cox)
Event 2: Novice Girls' Singles (600m)
1KAVA 2T Jorgensen3
2KAVA 1L James1
Event 3: Senior Boys' Quad
1JMCG 1T Grave, W Kirkwood, L Chittock, A Timmings + W Palmer (cox)1
2OBHS 1S Bezett, C Lewis, M Herber, C Gordon + R Lindsay (cox)2
3KHSD 1M Booth, K Hughes, P Whiley, M Anderson + J Dungey (cox)3
Event 4: Senior Girls' Quad
1KAVA 1K Pitcaithly, A Blakey, P McBride, S Smith + _ ____ (cox)1
2STHI 1E Adams, C Maker, L Garden, G Clarke + I Corbett (cox)3
3COLU 1S. Griffin, O. Anderson, K, Campbell, S. Reid + M. Darling (cox)4
Event 5: Novice Boys' Singles (600m)
1JMCG 1J Cotton2
Event 6: Junior Girls Doubles
1KAVA 2L James, B Rance4
2STHI 3M Grey, E Lynch-Sutherland5
3STHI 2M Butt, L Millis3
Event 7: Intermediate Boys' Quad
1OBHS 1L Guthrie, B Sinnamon, A.Roydhouse, B Alexander + R Lindsay (cox)2
2JMCG 1L Bain, B Leydon, A Timmings, M Parks + J Cotton (cox)1
3KAVA 15
Event 8: Senior Girls' Singles
1OGHS 1K. Wilden-Palms0
2STHI 1E Adams5
3OGHS 2J. Alm-Lequeux6
Event 9: Intermediate Girls' Quad
1STHI 2L Sabonadiere, S Keown, I Corbett, B Shea + H Armstrong (cox)6
2QHSD 1G Clydesdale, H Kettings, R Scott, K Atkinson + C McLay (cox)2
3COLU 1S. Griffin, S. Harrison, O. Anderson, H. Wright + M. Darling (cox)7
Event 10: Senior Boys' Fours
1OBHS 1S Bezett, T Chin, M Herber, C Gordon + R Lindsay (cox)1
Event 10A: Intermediate Boys' Eights
1KHSD 1M Anderson, M Booth, H Wallace, K Hughes, P Whiley,
T Stewart, F Goldsmith, Q Hawthorne + G Gibbon (cox)
2OBHS 1L Guthrie, B Sinnamon, A Roydhouse, F Sinnott,
N Henderson, B Alexander, H Sinclair, _ ____ + R Lindsay (cox)
Event 11: Intermediate Girls' Fours
1STHI 2L Sabonadiere, S Keown, G Hay, B Shea + H Hedges (cox)4
2STHI 1C Maker, K Edwards, I Corbett, G Hunter + A Frame (cox)2
3COLU 3G. Walker-Radich, K. Crawford, B. Sim, S. Anderson + A. Payne (cox)5
Event 12: Junior Boys Doubles
1OBHS 1T Bezett, H Chapman5
2OBHS 3M van Boxtell C Proctor2
3JMCG 1B Timmings, J Mclaughlan1
Event 13: Senior Girls' Doubles
1OGHS 1K. Wilden-Palms, J. Alm-Lequeux0
2STHI 1E Adams, J Cook3
3KAVA 2R Thomson, C Constable7
Event 14: Intermediate Girls Singles
1STHI 1C Maker3
2QHSD 4H Kettings1
3QHSD 1G Clydesdale4
Event 15: Intermediate Boys' Fours
1OBHS 1L Guthrie, B Sinnamon, A Roydhouse, B Alexander + _ ____ (cox)1
2KHSD 14
Event 15A: Junior Boys' Fours
1OBHS 1T Bezett, H Chapman, W.Sinclair, C Parnell + _ ____ (cox)3
2KHSD 1T Lock, J Laney, F Goldsmith, J Parcell + J Dungey (cox)2
Event 16: Senior Boys' Doubles
1JMCG 1T Grave, W Kirkwood5
2OBHS 1S Bezett, C Lewis4
3OBHS 2C Gordon, M Herber2
Event 17: Junior Girls' Fours/Quad
1KAVA 1J Auckram, T Jorgensen, L James, B Rance + _ ____ (cox)2
2STHI 2H Hedges, L Maiai, M Gray, I Robertson + G Clarke (cox)1
3STHI 1M Butt, H Armstrong, L Millis, E Lynch-Sutherland + A Frame (cox)3
(Div 1)
1JMCG 1L Bain, B Leydon2
2KAVA 1L Vaughan, J Kerr1
3JMCG 2R Sangster, C Tucker8
Event 19: Intermediate Boys' Doubles (Div 2)
1OBHS 1L Guthrie B Alexander3
2KHSD 1M Anderson, M Freeman5
3KHSD 2H Wallace, T Stewart6
Event 20: Senior Boys' Singles
1JMCG 1T Grave9
2JMCG 2W Kirkwood5
3OBHS 1C Lewis8
Event 21: Intermediate Girls' Eight
1COLU 1S. Griffin, S Holland, R. Breen, O Anderson, K. Campbell,
S. Harrison, S. Reid, H. Wright + M. Darling (cox)
2STHI 1C Maker, S Keown, K Edwards, J Cook, L Sabonadiere,
G Hay, I Corbett, B Shea + A Frame (cox)
3COLU 2G. Walker-Radich, C. Shaw, B. Spark, K. Crawford,
A. Payne, S. Anderson, B. Sim, A. Young + E. Scott (cox)
Event 22: Junior Boys' Quad
1OBHS 1T Bezett, H Chapman, W Sinclair, C Parnell3
2KHSD 1F Goldsmith, J Parcell, D Hughes, C Booth + G Gibbon (cox)2
3KAVA 16
Event 23: Senior Girls' Fours
1COLU 1S. Griffin, S. Holland, O. Anderson, S. Harrison + M. Darling (cox)1
2COLU 2H. Wright, S. Reid, S. Reid, K. Campbell + E. Scott (cox)3
3STHI 1E Adams, L Garden, G Hunter, G Clarke + E Lynch-Sutherland (cox)2
Event 24: Intermediate Boys' Singles
not raced
Event 25: Intermediate Girls' Doubles
1STHI 2L Sabonadiere, B Shea8
2STHI 1J Cook, K Edwards4
3KAVA 1P McBride, S Smith5
Event 26: Senior Girls' Eight
1COLU 1S. Griffin, S Holland, R. Breen, O Anderson, K. Campbell,
S. Harrison, S. Reid, H. Wright + M. Darling (cox)
Event 26: Senior Boy's Eight
1OBHS 1S Bezett, T Chin, A Roydhouse, C Lewis. L Guthrie,
B Alexander, C Gordon, M Herber + R Lindsay (cox)
2JMCG 1T Grave, W Kirkwood, L Chittock, A Timmings, L Bain,
B Leydon, M Parks, B MacDonald + J Cotton (cox)
3KHSD 1M Anderson, M Booth, P Whiley, K Hughes, T Lock,
J Laney, M Freeman, Q Hawthorne + G Gibbon (cox)

results courtesy: J Letts, OSSRA

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