Results: OSSRA Regatta Term

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

PlaceCrewCrew members
Senior Boy's Quad
1OBHS 1P Rowe, L Sabonadiere, J Burnside, S Alexander + J Burgess (cox)
2OBHS 2R Cook, O Haig, W Haley, K Sheehy-Wikio + C Millar (cox)
3KAVA 1S Taungapeau, M Stewart, R Bevin, R Stewart + B Sunderland (cox)
Junior Girl's/Boys' Eight & Octuple
1COLU 1L Sammut, C O'Brien, M Macdougall, M O'Neill, M Bohm, A Quill, B Sutton, M Scott + T Burgess (cox)
2OBHS 1W Ryan, R Harris, A Drummond, N Lewis, C Tisdall, C Millar, H Graham, G Heinrich + H Husheer (cox)
3STHI 1C Foster, E Burnside, P Ericsson, L Wright, J Davidson, L Taylor, K Beaton, P Fulton + M Davenport (cox)
Senior Girls' Fours
1COLU 1T Wiseneski, S Snow, M Sulliven, E Davey + I Davey (cox)
Intermediate Boys' Fours
1OBHS 1Grayson Small, Henry Kirk, Cody Campbell, Jacob Bolwell + Jake Burgess (cox)
2KHSD 1S-J Booth, J Rainey, G Wingham, F Hepburn + V Munro (cox)
Boys 50% Doubles
1OBHS 2Will Haley, Harry Graham
2OBHS 1Peter Rowe, Alex Drummond
3OBHS 3Scott Alexander, Noah Lewis
4KHSD 2B Mills, S Brosnan
5KHSD 1S Brooks-Adams, L Grellet
Girls 50% Doubles
1composite 1C Saunders, G Wilson
2composite 2C Tupuhi, B Sunderland
3KAVA 1B Stewart, M McClay
SCRSTHI 1S Smith, E Burnside
SCRSTHI 2M Davenport, P Ericsson
Intermediate Girls' Fours
1COLU 1I Gallagher, S Snow, M Sullivan, E Davey + I Davey (cox)
2COLU 2A Liggett, M Bromby, M Gavin, M Scott + B Sutton (cox)
3COLU 3L Sammut, C O'Brien, M Macdougall, M O'Neill + T Burgess (cox)
Intermediate Boys' Quad
1OBHS 1G Small, H Kirk, S Gibbard, J Pledger + J Burgess (cox)
2KHSD 1S-F Hepburn, G Wingham, J Rainey, J Booth + B Mills (cox)
3OBHS 2W Ryan, A Mcloughlan, C Campbell, J Bolwell + C Millar (cox)
Junior Girls Doubles
1BAYF 1C Saunders, C Tupuhi
2KAVA 1B Stewart, A Dohig
SCRQHSD 1E Stedman, K Child
SCRQHSD 2E Edwards, E Nesbit
Senior Boys' Doubles/Pairs
1JMCG 1A Kenny, J Pearson
2OBHS 2Reuben Cook, Will Haley
3OBHS 1Louis Sabonadiere, Oliver Haig
4JMCG 2F Wright, M Williams
5OBHS 3Peter Rowe, Jonathan Burnside
6KAVA 1R Bevin, R Stewart
7OBHS 4Jake McClean, Josh Sammut
Intermediate Girls' Eight
1COLU 1I Gallagher, M Sullivan, S Snow, E Davey, M Bromby, A Liggett, M Macdougall, M McNeil + I Davey (cox)
SCRCOLU 2L Sammut, C O'Brien, M Bohm, B Kendall, Y Khan, L Murdoch, S Taylor, N Paicu + T Burgess (cox)
Junior Boys' Quad
1OBHS 1W Ryan, A McLoughlan, R Harris, A Drummond + J Burgess (cox)
2KHSD 1S Brooks-Adams, L Grellet, V Munro, S Brosnan + J Green (cox)
3OBHS 2S Gibbard, N Lewis, H Graham, C Tisdall + H Husheer (cox)
Intermediate Boys' Singles
1JMCG 1J Pearson
2JMCG 2H Scott
3JMCG 3M Williams
4OBHS 1G Small
5OBHS 2J Bolwell
6KAVA 1S Taungapeau
7KAVA 2M Stewart
SCROBHS 3C Campbell
Senior Girls' Doubles/Pairs
1STHI 1S Smith, M Davenport
SCRCOLU 1T Wiseneski, S Snow
Boys 50% Quad
1OBHS 2S Alexander, H Sim, H Graham, J McClean + C Millar (cox)
2OBHS 1K Sheehy-Wikio, O Anderson, N Lewis, C Tisdall + H Husheer (cox)
Racing stopped here due to rough water

Results courtesy: OSSRA

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