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Results: Petone Solstice

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Number Club Crew Race time Prognostic %
C0STACB U18 2X00:34:0578.24%
D2WELCM Club 4-00:33:0377.73%
E1SPTWB 4X+00:33:5776.56%
A8PETCW 4X+00:37:5476.48%
B1PORCG U17 2X00:38:4575.62%
D4WELCM Club 4+00:34:2975.37%
C3STACB U17 2X00:37:1273.45%
CSTACG U16 2X00:40:2872.42%
C9STACG U18 2X00:40:1571.24%
B2PORCG U17 2X00:41:2670.73%
DWELCW Club 4X+00:40:0569.88%
C5STACMx 4X+00:37:2569.46%
E2COMPB 4X+00:34:2768.58%
CSTACG 2X00:43:3368.31%
B3PORCG U18 2X00:42:0168.24%
C2STACG 2X00:42:5467.29%
A6PETCG N18 4X+00:42:3867.26%
D3WELCM Mst 8+00:36:1267.21%
A4PETCG U16 2X00:44:1166.32%
D1WELCG 8+00:40:1566.25%
D8WELCW Nov 8+00:41:3365.76%
C8STACG N18 4X+00:43:5765.24%
A1PETCMx 8+00:40:4664.64%
A3PETCW 8+00:43:0561.16%
CSTACB U17 4X+00:43:4259.48%
D7WELCMx Mst 8+00:46:5953.55%
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