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Results: PCUC Regatta

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

BowCrewCrew membersPlace
Race 1Womens Masters 2X
 Mens Novice 2X
B1NOEC1V. Munro, S. Brosnan1
 Mens Open 2X
C1OTAC1R Stewart, R Bevin1
Race 2Girls U18 4X+
D1NOEC1C. Foster, E. Burnside, P. Ericsson, P. Fulton + E. Nesbit (cox)2
D2NOEC2J. Davidson, L. Taylor, L. Wright, K. Beaton + C. Williams (cox)3
D3OTAC1B Sunderland, G Wilson, M McClay, S Bevin + R Bevin (cox)1
Race 3Mens Club 1X
E1NOEC1B. Mills2
E2NOEC2J-P. Cronje1
Race 4Womens Open 1X
F1OTAC1E. Hofmans1
 Womens Club 1X
G1NOEC1G. Clydesdale1
 Womens U21 1X
H1OTAC1T Charteris-Wright1
H2OTAC2S Bevin2
Race 5Womens Novice 4X+
J1NOEC1E. Stedman, K. Child, E. Edwards, E. Nesbit + L. Stedman (cox)2
J2NOEC2E. Burnside, P. Ericsson, P. Fulton, L. Wright + C. Williams (cox)
J3NOEC3J. Davidson, L Taylor, K Beaton, T Davis + M. Davenport (cox)3
J4OTAC1C Tupuhi, C Saunders, A Dohig, B Stewart + B Sunderland (cox)
J5PCUC1M Simpson, J Kidston, J Varadi, J Turner1
Race 6Boys U18 4X+
K1NOEC1F. Hepburn, J. Booth, J. Rainey, G.Wingham + B. Mills (Cox)1
K2NOEC2L. Grellet, S. Brooks-Adams, S. Brosnan, V. Munro + J. Green (Cox)3
K3OTAC1M Stewart, R Stewart, R Bevin, S Taungapeau + G Wilson (cox)2
Race 7Womens Open 4X-
L1NOEC1G. Clydesdale, E Wallace, C Thompson, E. Hofmans1
L2PCUC1M Simpson, J Kidston, J Varadi, J Turner2
Race 8Womens Club 2X
M1OTAC1S Bevin, T Charteris-Wright1
 Mens Club 2X
N1NOEC1B. Mills, J.P Cronje1
Race 9Boys U16 2X
O1NOEC1J. Rainey, L. Grellet2
O2NOEC2G.Wingham, S.Brosnan3
O3NOEC3J. Booth, V. Munro
O4OTAC1S Taungapeau, M Stewart1
 Girls U16 2X
P1OTAC1M McClay, G Wilson1
Race 10Womens U21 2X
Q1OTAC1S Bevin, T Charteris-Wright1
 Womens Open 2X
R1NOEC1E. Hofmans, G. Clydesdale1
Race 11Girls U18 1X
S1OTAC1B Sunderland1
S2OTAC2G Wilson2
S3OTAC3M McClay3
Race 12Girls U18 8X+
T1NOEC1C. Foster, J Davidson, L Wright, L Taylor, P Ericsson, E Burnside, P Fulton, K Beaton + C. Williams (cox)1
 Mens Club 4X
U1NOEC1J-P. Cronje, B. Mills, S. Brooks-Adams, F. Hepburn + J.Green (cox)1
Race 13Womens Novice 2X
V1NOEC1K. Child, E. Stedman2
V2NOEC2E. Edwards, T. Davis3
V3OTAC1C Tuphui, C Saunders1
V4OTAC2A Dohig, B Stewart
V5PCUC1M Simpson, J KidstonDNS
Race 14Boys U18 1X
W1OTAC1R Stewart
W2OTAC2R Bevin1
W3OTAC3S Taungapeau3
W4OTAC4M Stewart
W5NOEC1B Mills2

Results courtesy: ORA

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