Results: 10km Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #ClubCrew nameStart timeFinish timeRace time
2WHACB U16 (Max B)0.0049.1749.17
3WHACB U16 (Ryan H)0.0054.5954.59
4WHACM (Graham Watt)0.3048.4048.20
5RPCW (TAWC)W (Hannah Osbourne)1.3053.4752.17
8RPCW (WKOC)M (Alex Kennedy)1.3050.3849.08
14CAMCM (Neville Robertson)0.3051.3951.09
21BPCCM Mst 2X (Dearsly)2.3054.1951.49
22WHACBU15 2X (Ari)2.3051.0448.34
23WHACBU15 2X (Robbie)3.0057.2454.24
24WHACBU15 2X (Josh)3.3048.5545.25
27WESCM 2- (Simon)3.0051.2748.27
30CAMCMx Mst 4X (Jensen)5.3058.1152.41
31TGACMx Mst 4X (Trish)5.3051.2945.59
33BPCCW 4X (S Hanna)7.3066.3659.06
34BPCCM 4X (N Hanna)8.0058.3650.36
35RPCWM 4X (Mike Berry)9.0048.5639.56
36WESCMx Mst 4X (Waalkens)6.3052.2145.51
41WHAC8X+ (Steve B)10.0059.4549.45
42TGACB U17 8+ (Bradley)10.3052.442.10
45TGACB U18 8+ (Kane)11.0054.4743.47
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