Results: 10km Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #ClubCrewStart TimeFinish TimeRace Time
3GLDWB U18 1X (Nick)0.0052.3352.33
4HWBCM Open 1X (AJ O'Connor)0.3047.1446.44
5WKOCM Mst 1X (Jeff)0.0048.5348.53
11GLDWB U17 2X (Zac)1.3048.1946.49
14MERCB U17 2X (Kyle)2.3054.1751.47
15CAMCM Open 2X (Peter)3.4556.5253.07
16GISCM Oopen 2- (Hyland)1.3044.4443.14
19GISCM Open 2X (Brott)2.3050.0447.34
20WKOCM Open 2X (Anthnoy)3.4547.5144.06
21RPCWM U21 LW 2X (Bridgewater)11.3053.4242.12
23RPCWM U20 2- (Casey)11.3054.2542.55
30GLDWG U17 4X+ (Alarna)5.3063.1057.40
31GLDWG U17 4X+ (Sarah)5.3055.2149.51
34CAMBG U17 4X+ (Joanna)8.0055.3747.37
35MERCB U17 4+ (Jake)10.0063.0253.02
36MERCB U17 4+ (Bruno)11.0055.5044.50
38CAMBG U17 4X+ (Charlotte)10.0061.2351.23
42CAMBB U17 4X+ (Cory)10.3053.1342.43
45CAMBB U17 4X+ (Lockie)10.3057.0646.36
46TRGBB U18 4+ (Jaden)13.3060.2046.50
47TRGBB U16 4X+ (Ryan)12.3057.1544.45
48TRGBB U16 4X+ (Andrew)13.3061.3248.02

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