Results: Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

ClubCrewRace Time
TAWCM 1X (Edward)49:48
MERCM 1X (Adin)55:08
WKOCM 1X (Liam)56:37
BPCCB U17 1X (Max)57:37
WKOCM 1X (Robbie)60:25
WKOCW 1X (Louise)61:45
MERCB U16 1X (John)61:47
BPCCG U18 1X (Emmily)70:20
CAMCW 1X (Harvey)75:10
MERCM 2X (Fynn)48:38
MERCB U17 2X (Regan)49:15
MERCB U16 2X (Calun)54:21
BPCCM Mst 2X (Alan)54:28
TRGGW 2- (Ritta)56:40
TRGBB U18 2- (Justin)58:03
TAWCB U17 2X (Ryan)58:36
CAMCW Mst 2X (Mary)61:06
BPCCMx Mst 2X (Trish)62:15
CAMCM Mst 4X- (Neville)49:35
BPCCW 4X- (Adrian)49:54
WKOCM Mst 4X- (Clark)51:20
CAMCMx Mst 4X- (Jane)51:40
CAMCMx Mst 4X- (Angela)53:04
BPCCMx U17 4X- (Carra)54:42
TRGBB U17 4- (Jordan)57:24
TRGGG U17 4X- (Frood)58:19
WKOCW Mst 4X- (Lynne)58:56
TRGBB U16 4- (Sam)60:02
TRGGG U17 4+ (Blake)60:36
BPCCG U17 4X- (Holly)63:41
TRGBB U17 4- (Daniel)64:50
TRGGG U17 4X+ (Ede)69:20
TAWCMx 8+ (Josh)54:12

Results courtesy: R Watts

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