Results: Long Distance Race

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

ClubCrewRace Time
TAWCM 1X (Ed)0:47:54
WKOCM 1X (Jeff)0:49:08
MERCM 1X (Regan)0:50:10
MERCM 1X (John)0:51:58
WKOCM 1X (Robbie)0:53:02
TAWCM 1X (Lachie)0:55:12
TAWCW 1X (Sophie)0:55:54
BPCCW 1X (Hannah)1:02:15
TAWCW 1X (Analiese)1:05:09
WRECM 2X (Stu)0:42:59
MERCM 2X (Finn)0:44:26
HAMCM 2- (Ryan)0:45:27
BPCCM 2X (Connor)0:45:34
CAMCM 2X (Peter)0:47:48
HAMCM 2- (Reuban)0:48:01
MERCM 2X (Callum)0:49:17
TGACM 2X (Jordon)0:49:23
BPCCW 2X (Rosie)0:51:23
TGACW 2X (Rebecca)0:51:23
TGACW 2X (Shannon)0:54:17
TAWCW 2X (Sinead)0:54:36
TGACW 2X (Lee)0:56:32
BPCCM 2X (Des)0:59:22
BPCCM 4X- (TK)0:44:17
CAMCM 4X- (Neville)0:45:20
BPCCM 4- (Nathan)0:46:29
TGACM 4- (Elliot)0:46:50
BPCCM 4X- (George)0:47:54
TGACM 4X- (Angus)0:47:54
CAMCW 4X- (Sue)0:49:29
BPCCM 4X- (Allan)0:49:57
TAWCM 4X- (Cameron)0:52:13
TGACM 4+ (Ben)0:53:30
TGACW 4X- (Tash)0:56:52
TGACW 4X- (Rubie)1:04:00

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