Results: Wanganui Masters

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Event 1: 27+ M 4+
FirstAWG 1K Weale, C Gibson, B Symes, N Forlong, D Hannan
SecondSBCPeer Neilson, Rob Adin, Terry Galuszka, Laurence Edge, Catherine Galuszka
ThirdWRC 2Terry McCarthy, Barry Sayer, Jeremiah McLanahan, Joe O'Neill
FourthWRC 1Brendan Renall, James Beech, Phil Holding, Julian Williamson
Event 1: 27+ W 4+
FirstAWG 1wS Rush, J Rush, T Carver, J Connors, S O'Leary
SecondWRC 1wNicky Roderick, Julie Davison, Sara Mc Fall, Frances Graham
Event 2: 40+ M 1X
FirstAWG 1P Spriggens
SecondAWG 3M Stewart
ThirdAWG 2C Smith
FourthUBC 1P Carroll
Event 2: 40+ W 1X
FirstUBC 1wP Baker-Hogan
SecondSBC 1wMelissa Bray
ThirdAWG 1wY Priest
Event 3 (Div 1): 50+ M 2X
FirstAWG 2T Upchurch, R Brock
SecondAWG 1M Carey, J Sicely
ThirdSBC 1Laurence Edge, Peer Neilson
Event 3: 60+ M 2X
FirstAWG 4AJLuff, G Hammond
SecondAWG 3T Rush, J Rowan
Event 3: 70+ m 2X
FirstHRC 1D Hume, N Courtney
SecondHRC 2C de Guingand, D Bourke
ThirdUBC 1Owen Winstanley, Rod Trott
Event 3 (Div 2): 50+ W 2X
FirstWRC 1wAnnette Scullion, Jane Harding
Event 4: 40+ M 4X
FirstAWG 1P Spriggens, C Smith, G Russell, M Stewart
Event 4: 27+ W 4X
FirstAWG 1wS Rush, J Rush, T Carver, J Connors
Event 4: 40+ W 4X
FirstAWG 2wP Baker-Hogen, Y Priest, AnLuff, B Hammond
SecondSBC 1wMelissa Bray, Diane Tuiomanufili, Lis Neilson, Caroline Bedford
ThirdWRC 1wFrances Graham, Kathleen Palmer, Michelle Burrel, Raewyn Munro
Event 5: NM M 2X
FirstUBC 1Pat Carroll, Bruce Butters
SecondAWG 1J O'Leary, A O'Leary
Event 5: NM W 2X
FirstUBC 1wHelen Stewart, Bridget McArthur
SecondAWG 1wE Cvitanovich, M Dowman
Event 6: Open Mixed 4+
FirstAWG 1P Spriggens, M Stewart, J Connors, T Carver, S O'Leary
SecondWRC 1Sara Mc Fall, Frances Graham, Barry Sayer, Joe O'Neill
ThirdWRC 2Rose-Maree Bell, Kim O'Neill, Brendan Renall, Phil Holding
Event 7: 40+ M 2X
FirstAWG 1G Russell, C Smith
Event 7: 40+ W 2X
FirstAWG 1wY Priest, AnLuff
SecondSBC 1wDiane Tuiomanufili, Caroline Bedford
Event 8: 50+ M 4X-
FirstAWG 1Brocky, M Carey, J Sicely, T Upchurch
Event 8: 60+ M 4X-
FirstAWG 2T Rush, G Hammond, J Rowan, AJLuff
Event 8: 70+ m 4X-
FirstHRC 1D Hume, N Courtney, C de Guingand, D Bourke
Event 9: NM M 4+
FirstWRC 1James Beech, Julian Williamson, Peter Thornbury, Phil Holding
Event 9: NM W 4+
FirstWRC 2wFiona Leonard, Rose-Maree Bell, Michelle Burrel, Kim O'Neill
Event 10: Open M 8+
FirstAWG 1AJLuff, T Rush, K Weale, B Symes, G Russell, M Stewart, J Sicely, G Hammond, S O'Leary
SecondAWG 2P Spriggens, C Smith, C Gibson, N Forlong, R Brock, T Upchurch , M Carey, J Rowan, D Hannan
ThirdWRC 1Brendan Renall, Laurie Council, Dave O'Brien, Jeremiah McLanahan, Barry Sayer, Jason King, Terry McArthy, Joe O'Neill
Event 10: Open W 8+
FirstAWG 1wS Rush, J Rush, J Connors, T Carver, Y Priest, AnLuff, B Hammond, E Sicely, J Holly
SecondWRC 1wJane Harding, Annette Scullion, Patricia Abraham, Sara Mc Fall, Kathleen Palmer, Nicky Roderick, Raewyn Munro, Julie Davison
Event 11: 27+ M 1X
FirstSBC 1Terry Galuszka
SecondSBC 2Rob Adin
Event 11: 27+ W 1X
FirstAWG 1wJ Rush
SecondAWG 2wS Rush
Event 12: 40+ M 4+
FirstAWG 1P Spriggens, C Smith, G Russell, M Stewart, S O'Leary
SecondWRC 1Dave O'Brien, Jeremiah McLanahan, Peter Thornbury, Susan Joy
Event 12: 40+ W 4+
FirstAWG 1wJ Connors, T Carver, Y Priest, E Sicely, J Holly
SecondSBC 1wMelissa Bray, Lis Neilson, Diane Tuiomanufili, Caroline Bedford, Catherine Galuszka
ThirdWRC 1wKim O'Neill, Kathleen Palmer, Raewyn Munro, Fiona Leonard
Event 13: Open Mixed 2X
FirstAWG 2P Spriggens, Y Priest
SecondAWG 1T Rush, S Rush
ThirdAWG 5C Smith, J Rush
FourthAWG 3J Connors, T Upchurch
FifthAWG 4G Hammond, B Hammond
SixthAWG 6AnLuff, AJLuff
Event 14: 50+ M 4+
FirstAWG 1R Brock, J Sicely, G Russell, T Upchurch, D Hannan
SecondWRC 1Jason King, Laurie Council, Terry McArthy, Barry Sayer
Event 14: 50+ W 4+
FirstWRC 1wPatricia Abraham, Jane Harding, Annette Scullion, Rose-Maree Bell
Event 15: Open Mixed 4x-
FirstAWG 1 P Baker-Hogen, C Smith, T Carver, M Stewart
SecondWRC 1Frances Graham, Michelle Burrel, Susan Joy, James Beech
ThirdSBC 1Peer Neilson, Laurence Edge, Lis Neilson, Caroline Bedford
Event 16: 27+ M 2X
FirstSBC 1Terry Galuszka, Rob Adin
Event 16: 27+ W 2X
FirstAWG 1wP Baker-Hogen, C Smith, T Carver, M Stewart
SecondWRC 1wFrances Graham, Michelle Burrel, Susan Joy, James Beech
Event 17: 50+ M 1X
FirstAWG 2R Brock
SecondAWG 1T Upchurch
ThirdAWG 3G Hammond
FourthSBC 1Peer Neilson
FifthWRC 1Jason King
Event 17: 60+ M 1X
FirstAWG 4T Rush
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