Results: Whanganui Winter Series

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Boat #Boat typeCrewClubRace timePrognostic %
9CompositeTrevor Rush, Richard Brock, Steph Rush, Jacs RushAWGC00:34:56:2287.59%
12B U16 4X+Michael Sturdee, James Clear, Jack Black, Boogie Barritt + Campbell Monk (cox)AWGC00:34:10:8486.89%
2W MstD 2XTash Carver, Philippa Baker-HoganAWGC00:37:38:3592.06%
5G 16 4X-Georgina Ross, Messina Su'a, Perris Adam, Nikita McCartenAWGC00:36:46:7584.83%
14M MstG 8+Ewen Noble, Bruce Tate, Des Lock, Murray Carey, Murray Stewart, Colin Wright, Tony Upchurch, Allan Luff + Sue O'Leary (cox)AWGC00:33:38:3986.95%
17M MstE 2XKevin Horan, Martin BridgerComposite00:35:10:2689.14%
13CompositeLevi Carroll, Riley Frecklington, Zeah Brewer, Feyth Hogan, Niamh Monk, Jaimee Bridger, Mahina Barritt, Ella Dudley + Dom Benfell (cox)AWGC00:34:13:7185.89%
7M MstF 2XGus Berghan & Kerry DombroskiCLIC00:36:47:1686.45%
3M MstD 1XPat CarrollUNWC00:39:00:7785.36%
12M M60+ MS1Les Aplinkayak00:47:08:1182.2%
15M Snr 2XJack Pringle, Luke WattsAWGC00:34:49:3483.57%
10B U17 2XNeo Tichbon, Tomasi ConnorUNWC00:37:15:5581.32%
16CompositeCharlie Bhana-Sayring, Laughlin Neilson, Ellesha Taylor, Patrick Hearn-PowersCLIC00:37:24:9575.77%
4B U17 1XJack GraystoneCLIC00:43:37:9975.11%
18M M70 V1Howard HylandWROCC00:58:23:0485.04%

Results courtesy: G Tichbon

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