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Results: Billy Webb Challenge

These static regatta results provide basic access to the outcome of the regatta.

They are not usually linked to from the profiles of the competitors or clubs/schools involved.

Bow #CompetitorGradeRace timeGrade place
A1Mahe DrysdaleMens Elite00:18:231
A3Andrew PotterMens Elite00:19:112
A5Cameron CramptonMens Elite00:19:123
A2Bryce AbernathyMens Elite00:19:354
A4Tom MonaghanMens Elite00:20:205
B5Emma TwiggWomens Elite00:19:221
B1Lucy SpoorsWomens Elite00:19:542
C2Olivia LoweWomens Elite00:19:573
B3Fiona BourkeWomens Elite00:20:034
C3Erin-Monique O'BrienWomens Elite00:20:105
B4Carling ZeemanWomens Elite00:20:116
B2Sarah GrayWomens Elite00:20:167
C5Brooke DonoghueWomens Elite00:20:278
C4Georgia PerryWomens Elite00:20:349
C1Claudia HydeWomens Elite00:20:3610
D1Kyle MaloneMens Club00:20:241
D2Mark BrocklehurstMens Club00:20:422
D3Cameron SteedmanMens Club00:21:013
D4Troix KokichMens Club00:21:464
F2Jessica TurfreyWomens Club00:21:521
F1Anna ThompsonWomens Club00:22:482
D5Sam WilkinsMens U2000:20:301
D6Harry LillingtonMens U2000:20:542
F3Georgia KingWomens U2000:22:231
F4Renee HarrisonWomens U2000:24:332
E7Kyle RylandMens U1700:21:351
E8Morgan DaviesMens U1700:21:532
E6Tom WalshMens U1700:23:263
G5Jessica NorrisWomens U1700:22:381
G4Celine Henare-MurtonWomens U1700:23:512
G6Edin HarveyWomens U1700:23:593
G7Erin Henare-MurtonWomens U1700:24:054
G1Jaedyn ThompsonWomens U1700:24:215
G3Dakota BarryWomens U1700:24:436
G2Rebecca HarrisonWomens U1700:25:167
E5Richard BrockMens M 60+00:21:391
E3Trevor RushMens M 60+00:21:502
E4Peer NielsenMens M 60+00:22:163
E2Patrick CarrollMens M 40+00:21:301
E1Martin BridgerMens M 40+00:21:402

Results courtesy: D Evans

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