Notices: Petone Solstice

This is the collection of regatta notices for the 2019 Petone Solstice.


There are no lanes for this race. Crews are allocated alpha-numeric bow numbers based on their club and crew number. HORC=A, PETC=B, PORC=C, STAC=D, WELC=E.

2019-06-29 13:31:08

The regatta has been postponed. It is now re-scheduled from Sunday 23 June to Sunday 30 June.

2019-06-21 11:30:33
Safety - boats travelling to/from green shed

Unaccompanied boats rowing between the green shed and Petone club must be carrying PFDs, and a phone in a waterproof bag.

2019-06-17 23:06:11
Weather decision

The go/no-go call will be made on Friday. Announcement due around midday. If postponed, the back-up date is Sunday 30th.

2019-06-17 23:03:41
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